Luke 17:33 If you grasp and cling to life on your terms, you’ll lose it, but if you let that life go, you’ll get life on God’s terms.

The bridge is for you.  It is ready to be crossed. The time has come to no longer stay on the side that is only a cliff.  It worked for you for a long time and it can be very hard to say goodbye to it.  After all, there was a large field to experience a lot of great things that did help you grow.  There were moments when the grass was a beautiful green with so many opportunities.  There were also chapters that were very dark and there were a lot of weeds to sift through during your journey there.  It stood for so many things, that cliff.  Loved ones you have known for years.  Your childhood.  Your mistakes. Your achievements.  However, it seems now you are only walking in circles and doomed to keep coming back to the edge where you can see there are new landscapes. They aren’t guaranteed to be exactly what you envision nor will they consist of familiar people, places, or things.  You’ve been so scared to find out that you didn’t notice the bridge that could assist you with getting to that other side of your life.  The unknown can be a very scary place.  Now that you see the bridge, every now and again you take peeks at it.  There have been moments when you were halfway across it but the familiarity of people and experiences you loved were waving and calling you back.  The cliff stayed, the bridge stayed and so did your choices.  Sometimes you stayed on the cliff because of a loss and you were trying so desperately to find what could fill that void.  However beneficial your life was in your current surroundings, all the growth that you can achieve has been achieved.

You have walked the many paths on the side you now stand but I, God, have even more plans for you.  If you stay where you currently are, you will soon see (if you haven’t already), that the pace is only a circular one.  I know you heard Me calling you because you stood at the entrance and even got halfway across! I saw your heart and how scared you felt about your abilities and capabilities.  You have felt you weren’t enough.  You did not see your value.  All you envisioned was a scene where you expressed the truth of yourself and that vulnerability equaled many judging you.  However, I have the bridge ready just for you.  I know you feel Me changing you into a person who is no longer consumed with the anxiety of getting others to approve.  You are becoming spiritually settled and entering a higher plane of existence.  You are ready to walk the bridge but something holds you back.  What is it? I’m here and You can talk to me all the time, any time! I am holding out My hand to help you take each step.  I have My arms ready to hug you when you torture yourself by looking back at that life from which you are walking away.  You aren’t deserting anyone.  Don’t you know that the hardships and spiritual growth you gained is what made you who you are and that side will always be a part of you.  What I want to do is expand on that.

You may feel alone in the beginning.  The bridge seems to be so long.  But don’t you see the calling I have for you? A calling to take the trials you survived and that growth is what I can share through you.  By proxy, My Spirit will connect you to others who may be just beginning a very hard road.  As you stand in a space of new paths, you look across that bridge and wave to the ones that have their own bridges to cross to get to where you are now.  Your heart is full of love for them and that love doesn’t stop just because you have a new arena of choices for you at this new side of the bridge.

Do not take it personally when others do not walk across that same bridge.  It isn’t that they all are horrible people just because they don’t feel the same passion and understand all that your life consists of now.  The part they played in your spiritual growth is now ending.  You felt safe being surrounded by them but you are now onto a new support system.  These cushions I place around you are part of what I want to introduce you to! It will be people who understand your failures, fears, and passions.  They will see not just the external but the Internal that is Me working through you.  You have been through so much and now that pain is turning into a Godly passion that no one can stifle—including you!  The bridge is a link to new freedom and a new promise where the gifts I instilled within you are used to lift others up, to let others know that they are not alone.  Your experiences are what give you the loving ability to see another person’s loneliness and struggle.  This is because you have felt so deeply alone on so many levels.  Now is the time for new levels of expansion.  New levels of reaching multitudes beyond your wildest dreams.  A level that takes you above the fog to a new clarity.  Though the scars remain, you are healed.  It is time to cross now.  There are people who need you and people whom you need as a new journey awaits you.  Most importantly, Godly growth awaits you.

The bridge has been built and has been walked by many.  You are not alone and will not be alone.  Support is all around you. I am right here.  I know you hear Me.  So come on.

Love you,


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