Mirror Talk: Honor Yourself

Eph 6:2–3 Honor..is the first commandment that has a promise attached to it, namely, “so you will live well and have a long life.”

There they went again, taking you with them into a rabbit hole mentality of “what did I do wrong”. Here you go again, shoulders down and face in your hands in another moment of despair that pins you down like a block of cement. When you tolerate dishonor, you play with fire. It is a fire that your tears can not put out.

A person who says “sorry” multiple times needs to be released so that they can be sorry somewhere else. Holding on to someone out of fear of being alone divorces you from yourself. It is better to let go and go through the trial of healing your heart for a moment than a lifetime of pain.

When will you realize that you stay nowhere when you stay with dishonor?

Let a person realize on their own that it takes not having the good anymore to realize how good they had it. There is no gain in jumping through hoops and lapping behind them like a thirsty puppy hoping to prove your worth to them. You must stop hanging on to people who aren’t interested.

You stay nowhere when you stay with dishonor.

Stop investing in the disengaged. Stop investing in those who maintain their attitude of indifference. You are someone who tries to prove your worth by tolerating a behavior because you think that person just needs time or just needs you to be more patient, more loving, more giving, more pretty…more..more..more. The “more” you try to fill in someone else’s gaps that you think exist due to some fault of your own, the more you feel empty. Their gap of not being able to see how badly you want to connect with them, or maybe even the gap which is their lack of respect as they see you tolerate a behavior, is what will leave you feeling emotionally and mentally stranded.

You stay nowhere when you stay with dishonor.

The cracks in the foundation cause you to live on an island with nowhere to turn. You think that the only way out of the situation is to reconstruct what is on the island. Meanwhile, your internal capacities crumble as you travel in circles, blinded by the discord of trying to make someone honor you. You cannot make anyone honor you.

You stay nowhere when you stay with dishonor.

The only thing that can open a person’s eyes to their ways is themselves and God. If your dream of a pleasurable future always includes a person who needs to be fixed, that is not a vision. It is a nightmare.

You stay nowhere when you stay with dishonor.

As long as you hold on to your goal to be accepted by any means necessary, the repeated apologies will always need to be accepted. Stop accepting the actions and circumstances that leave you adjusting the chess pieces and start adjusting your mind. Stop adjusting your boundaries to appease others and start adjusting how you view yourself. The mental and emotional insanity to which you grew accustomed will still leave a strong residue when you take that first step of loving someone from far away. It will take stages of mental boxing matches as you resist the temptation to go back to the familiar chaos but you must leave the island. Don’t turn around. You must leave the circumstance that immobilizes your own growth. You must leave the isolation and love from a distance.

You stay nowhere when you stay with dishonor.

You must begin the process of the pain of letting go. It will take repeated moments of firmly reminding others where you placed the line of boundaries. As you firmly remind others of it, you remind yourself that you will see your last tear sooner or later. It is those tears from the pain of no longer allowing the discord that will fill in the gaps of your own spiritual growth. It is those tears that clean out your eyes so that building blocks of what a truly healthy life looks like can emerge. Let the tears of the growing pains flow because they are  better than the tears of doing the same thing over and over again with no results. The “confetti in a fan” will eventually die down. You must get back up, clean yourself up, and stay in the passionate determination of honoring yourself. Do not give in to the temporary displays of fortitude. Remember what dishonor looks like because of the fact that though you forgive as you move forward, you know the red flags of when it’s that same wolf even if it’s a different-looking sheep. Hold close to your heart the lessons from the past repetitive displays of what dishonor looks like so that visions of true honor can manifest around you.

Stop waiting for what is around you to provide your sense of worth and start living with honor that flows down to you. You must start walking and start living.

You always get somewhere when you walk with honor.

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“Mirror Talk: Honor Yourself” by Stefanie Johnson https://link.medium.com/pg0OHEKLkX

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