“Mirror Talk: Awakening”

“Mirror Talk: Awakening” by Stefanie Johnson https://link.medium.com/qoUzY7MurX

There is a change occurring that has you reflecting with a mindset of seeing the lessons. You are walking towards only balanced people, stable situations while releasing the negative ones, letting them fall to the wayside. You don’t stop wishing the best or loving from afar but no longer stop on your new path. The old habits of veering from this new determination to cater to someone else’s issues are no longer a distraction. It is a new perception not tainted with resentment but painted with a spiritually stable brush. When you no longer have time for another’s darkness nor their attempts to be pulled back in, people that want to share the light you exude will naturally enter your world. Their light will expand your light. It is a new broadening of opportunities that is not absent of pain but is the presence of the core of your value that you finally realized. You no longer follow the voices of your scars. You no longer try to perform to meet another’s standard. You no longer try to make other people see the fault in thier ways. You release those voices, you release old pain so that your heart and mind is available to be refilled with the Truth. You are no longer sleepwalking.

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