Watch “Amanda Archer “INVINCIBLE” download on itunes.com and support Children’s Hospital” on YouTube

After I wrote my childrens book “I See You, Little Naomi” about my daughter, a pediatric stroke survivor, I connected with other childrens fundraiser. One of which was Music Medicine that raised money for sickle cell awsreness/Oakland Children’s Hospital. This led to my daughter , Supergirl Naomi, being in the music video below along with other heroes who survived medical mountains. Titled “Invincible”, it sums up these fighters perfectly.
Please be sure to attend this years Music Medicine Fundraiser happening June 29th at Empress Theatre in Vallejo, CA featuring local and well-known artists that will give a great show!
#ItTakesAVillage #MusicMedicine #SickleCell #OaklandChildrensHospital

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