Mirror Talk: Epiphany

I was talking with a good friend today and saw someone in a healthy chapter of her life. A chapter that I hope to reach soon. I realized how much of my anxiety comes from the false sense that I am never enough, that my existence isn’t worthy due to how many people I had to release from my life. My sense of being alone as a result of doing or “being” wrong is a lie from hell. I ended the day with God speaking to me these words. To my readers, I hope these words below help you:

When you begin to miss the narcissistic, severely scarred, and ego-driven people that are no longer in your life you must remember this– you did not lose their presence. You gained their absence.

Continue on the path of letting them go and wishing them well from afar. Don’t stray due to old habits of wondering what you could have done better. Don’t go back to seeking external validation but run towards sanity.

Sanity = Valuing you.

True freedom is when you are in a neutral space where resentments or false hopes no longer exist. THAT is where God exists and it is the best epiphany you will ever experience.

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