Mirror Talk: Soul Ties

The sexual abuse you endured at the hands of sick individuals created the illusion that you are loving and loved only when it involves your body being desired by others. You need to release the people that have caused you pain. You need to release the obsessive, fixated thoughts based on the hope that you will be chased and forever wanted. You must release the feelings of rejection that subconsciously arise when someone goes from amorous attention to none at all. The people that flooded into the gate opening is your void from unfulfilled love you desperately think you need. The soul ties that are created as they leave is the rope that is tied to them. You use the rope to keep the lies you deem as truth from hitting you- that your worth is of no value when they exit. These are soul ties disguised as the truth of your worth and value. They are ties to your childhood wounds that is the opening, that void through which ill-intentions enter. This soul tie from physical exchanges ignites passion to provide what you never feel for yourself on a daily basis. This soul tie that made you feel wanted was yet again an ending where you feel abandoned, unwanted and unworthy. So you fantasize and obsess on the scenarios in which they say they want you, you are desirable and that you are all they ever wanted. I, God, am here to always whisper to you that it is a shadow blocking you from seeing the people that offer you a true love but in ways that your inner child is not accustomed. The abuse you endured taught you that physical passion is the only sign that you are attractive enough to others. The ache you carry is masked with short lived euphoria when gratification occurs in your world. You latch on to the attention they represent and the tie that starts from the center of your pain keeps them at the borders of your void. You try to pull them in to be the fulfillment that proves you matter. It is not the people that you tie but the voices that lie and tell you unhealthy advice to remedy your feelings of lack. You never lacked in the past and you do not lack in the present. You exist and you matter. You manifest what you tie yourself to- the mistreatment that you thought or currently think is a sign of being loved, wanted or cared for. The soul tie you must release are these false beliefs. It is these false belief systems that are the soul tie lies. Turn to Me as you go through this journey of enlightenment and new manifestations, to solidify your new caliber that allows in the people and things that unconditionally view you as valuable. Ask Me to continue this awakening within you every day, within your deep recesses and the core of your True Self—the Holy Spirit which is Me. I am here to remind you that you are enough. I will help you to stop the debilitating pattern. Release these ties that bind you.

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