low angle shot of the sun shining through the willow branches
Photo by Bahareh Akhgari on

It’s so cozy
your shade

Weeping Willows

“Oh, that scorching hot sun!”
you’d exclaim
In truth?

How i adored
What i thought was You

Those branches above
Growth of green
The trunk
my only spine

But the covering
Was shade you threw;
to shrink me down
with lies you spewed

Ambivalent roots
Of what I knew
I dared to stand up
I dared to peek through

Because leaves do dry
branches do b r e a k
Unwatered soul
Began to shake

Voices I hear
Are no longer yours
As I walk this firm ground

In the light
I have nothing to hide
No more in these
Cobwebs broken down

New seeds
A bubbling brook

I found new ground
To replace
What you took

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