Monogrammed Luggage

blue travel luggage
Photo by Craig Adderley on

A part of me
Can’t you see
The anxiety
My identity

Memories soar
Wash up on shore
Cut the cord
Exist no more

What would I do
If I release you

It’s my brand
What I understand

This victim mode
The horse I rode

Baggage I wear
A past to stare
Stories I share
For someone to care

Heavy on my mind
Thorn in the side
Just give it a try
To say good-bye

Monogrammed luggage
Torn and sluggish

I must let go
Stop the show

Flights round trip
Causing me to slip

Release this weight
Unpack the freight

A part of me
I now see
Renewed and free
My identity

Unpacking the rummage
Monogrammed luggage

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