Everyday, come rain or shine

like radiant diamonds, these hallelujahs

or hell nahs

Multiplied, turn it up

rewind, push play

i’ve read this many times

Use this Gospel for protection

but driving west, i lost my mind

You Say i am enough, that i measure up

when the wolves come around

i rage through the window

I Just Need You

releasing a bird from the cage

You say “I am God”

a goodness that makes me wanna

Stomp…on someone’s head

I’ve Been Lookin’ for You

you are my sunlight

a brake in the rain

Holy Ghost, i got the power

my medicine, my Waymaker

to a court i contest

Someone Watching Over Me

I Open my Heart to the

Oceans, where my feet may fail

a repeat of rage

to hear “Look Up Child” 

no Shackles today

just a ticket of sin

next time

Jesus, Take the Wheel

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