The author behind the series.

Stefanie has always had a natural gift for writing. It has been her outlet to overcome the trials of life, and hopes that her writing can bring peace to others.

Stefanie’s goal is to create a series of “I See You” children’s books that cover a variety of topics within the special needs community. Her first book “I See You, Little Naomi” is based on the unforeseen events of her youngest child, Naomi, a survivor of pediatric stroke. Her daughter’s story of strength and survival instilled a drive in Stefanie to inspire and enlighten the public. “I See You, Little Andrew”, the second book of the collection, aims to educate the reader about Autism.

In addition to the book collection, Stefanie will use this space to showcase her writing and highlight educational resources and organizations that create inclusive communities. Stefanie is also available for freelance writing opportunities. To make an inquiry, please use the contact form below.

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