Cornrows n Quilted Skirts

Cornrows n Quilted Skirts
That part of you that shines
Hair in the wind
A smile to the sky
Laying down your strife
Throwing off those heels
Sand between the toes
No doobie for you
But you’ll hug the trees
No longer the hustle
The nine to five
Just say good bye
Cornrows n Quilted skirts
A natural high
Arms out like wings
The heart finally sings
You’re Woodstock revived
Oh Lord, you’re one of them
But you don’t care
Just happy life no longer hurts
Cornrows n Quilted Skirts


The Divided States of America

As a mom of a biracial 19 year old son who is just starting his path into adulthood, my intense worry for him has me in freeze mode sometimes. As a white woman watching what is happening, I could not imagine the pain, anger and sadness the black culture must be feeling. To be judged by the skin color you were born with is beyond what I can comprehend. I can not imagine how tired a black person must be from it all. Any human who isn’t seeing the devil making this world his playground is in serious denial. I don’t write this to claim an individual’s experience with racial injustice. I write this because all humans must start having more compassion with action. People shouldn’t only care when it affects them directly. People should care that it is happening to others too. I am so so sorry to everyone in the black community. I will pray and ask God what He wants me to do to be part of the solution. Much love to everyone.

Below are poems my son wrote. I hope his poems make us realize how overwhelming these times can be for the next generation.

Stefan Jones

I wrote these two poems to release my frustrations about the racial injustice in this country.

I don’t care if they make you uncomfortable.

You, myself, and everyone else needs to continue to acknowledge the systemic flaws and be proactive about initiating change and progression.

copyright Stefan Jones
copyright Stefan Jones


In a world where I feel disconnect
Dangling from the sky
Hanging on to what I wished upon
Not feeling the light in this dark place
I reach for relief, only to look down
The vicious circle that continues to spin
I can’t seem to make it stop
Dangling with all I have
If I let go I am at the will
Of this spatial abyss
Only to collapse within myself
Oh wait, it’s no different
Landing on my feet
Or downward to my death
The wish I might
Is not the wish I may
It appears the heavens
Can not hear my cries
Trying to hold on
My arms grow weary
Like my eyes that have seen
More darkness than stars
I just dangle from the sky
Hanging on to what I wish upon