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I saw this sentence in a bible plan I am reading and decided to share why I write my “Mirror Talk” blog.  Most of the time when I stand in front of a mirror, glance at my car visor or see my reflection in a window, the self-talk is automatically negative.  Not sure how long ago I started trying to say nicer words to myself but I stand in front of a mirror and sometimes mentally or verbally say nice things to myself purposely.  I have to make a conscious effort to say nice things to my reflection out loud or mentally but even then the negative chatter is not all the way silent and buzzes in the background like the fan in my bedroom I have to hear in order to fall asleep at night.  Isn’t that sad to do that to myself?  And I am just one person among the billions on this earth that do this very same thing multiple times a day.   Given what I know about my mind, the one superpower I know I would never want to be handed is the ability to read people’s minds.  Hearing and reading my mind alone is enough to listen to all day.  I am sure you, the reader, also deal with this overwhelming tendency to negate your existence and the vessel that you occupy.

I began “Mirror Talk” for this very reason – to envision myself speaking to my reflection the very words that I write and share with you.  I write my inspirational advice for myself and for the multitudes that share similar battles that do not only surround us but exceeds the max occupancy inside our heads.  The worst war that can ever occur are the wars that are spiritual because it is the fire of insults we aim at ourselves as we argue back like a movie scene where the actors justify what they yell at each other.  We are the rigid judge that hangs over our shoulder, whispering in our ears as we go about our day.  It is so unfair and unnecessary but the only way I know how to remind myself is to say something nice to myself as I look into my eyes.  Why is it so hard?  With every positive sentence is the echo of the degrading sounds that I must push away every millisecond.  My brain is a road map filled with too many highways where negative words speed back and forth.  Mirror Talk slows down that highway and as you read my words, may you envision yourself looking back at that mirror with a sense of value and realization that the person staring back at you has a multitude of gifts to offer this world.  May the mirror begin to reflect the potential that lies within and flows outward, manifesting a new kind of day where the chatter highway is redirected with kinder words to ourselves and therefore towards people or situations that appear in front of us throughout our days here on this earth.

I hope that as you read my Mirror Talk blogs that you envision saying, to that human  looking back at you, the positive fulfilling words with intention to rebuild on a foundation of new belief systems.  It isn’t about flexing a false bravado but learning to stand in our truth as we look at what God created with an appreciation of what we can contribute.  It isn’t based on what the mirror seems to never reflect in comparison to other’s expectations but reflects the gifts contained behind the eyes. 

Let’s talk nicely to the mirror and let God work out the blind priority of the superficial imperfections that are the world’s force fed materialistic nature and get connected to the spiritual nature that is the driving force of all that is accomplished or have yet to overcome.   I want to stop compromising or apologizing for the passions I contain and start liking the person that God encircles as she faces the fact that the light that refracts back towards her is the light that wants to exude from within her…don’t you?

May our mirror talk lovingly, drowning out and no longer compromising with the bully that is the layer of ghosts of self.  May our mirror talk unapologetically but humbly pull out the affirmations of our Holy Spirit until we can automatically hear only the kind chatter that exists in all of us.  May we value what God has made.

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